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Lunch & Dinner Menu


Selection of Moroccan salads__________________________90dh
(e.g., taktouka, sweet pumpkin, lentils, zaalouk, 
tomato confit, apples with dried fruits)
Moroccan Soup____________________________________50dh

Main courses

Chicken Tajine ____________________________________140dh
with olives and preserved lemon
Beef Tajine   ______________________________________140dh
with dried fruits
Tanjia Marrakchiya _________________________________140dh
beef shank stewed with preserved lemon and spices
Vegetarian Tagine__________________________________120dh


Orange slices with cinnamon__ ________________________40dh
Fruit salad      ______________________________________40dh
Moroccan pastries      ________________________________40dh

3 course menu*:                                                                              250MAD/person 
*Menu includes bottled water, soft beverages, and Moroccan tea.


Water (Plain/Sparkling) 
50 mL  __________________________________________10 dh
1,5 L   __________________________________________  25 dh
Soda (Coke, Orangina)    _____________________________ 20 dh
Mint Tea/Verbena
   Small Pot   ______________________________________ 20 dh
Large Pot   _______________________________________ 35 dh
Tea Infusion   _____________________________________  20 dh
Coffee Capsule  ___________________________________ 30 dh
Orange Juice     ___________________________________  25 dh
Seasonal Smoothie ________________________________  40 dh

Moroccan Sweets _________________________________  40 dh
Fruit Salad ______________________________________   40 dh
Popcorn ________________________________________  30 dh

Pause Café

Pot of Tea/Coffee & Sweets __________________________    55 dh

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